Website uptime monitoring made easy.

Every 60 seconds we will ping and check if your website is online.
In case its status changes, we will notify you via Email.


The better way to monitor your website

Simplicity first - we created a super simple website monitoring solution which we're using ourselves.

24/7 uptime monitoring

We're checking your websites every 60 seconds. In case it goes from online to offline (or vice versa), we will immediately notify you.

No hidden fees

Simple and transparent pricing. Start for free (5 monitors), upgrade to Pro or Premium later on when you require more monitors.

100% free to start

Get started today. The free plan includes 5 monitors, free forever. Upgrade to pro or premium to get more.

Instant notifications

Get instantly notified via Email when your page status changes. Soon Slack and SMS will be supported as well.


Get started for free by signing up today. Feel free to contact us if you should need more than 50 monitors*

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* 1 monitor per URL



  • 5 monitors included
  • Instant notifications
  • Notifications per Email
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring



  • ... Everything from FREE
  • 20 monitors included
  • ... and more



  • ...Everything from PRO
  • 50 monitors included
  • ... and more
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